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  1. New cache submission process selects the wrong region To replicate the problem Start a new cache listing On the location page put in some co-ordinates eg: N 52° 24.691 W 001° 46.600 Click 'confirm on map' Region drop-down changes to Southern England should most definitely be West Midlands! This will explain why new caches are being published under the wrong region eg http://coord.info/GC3M2MT Mark
  2. Got a new cache notification yesterday and it was well within our usual FTF range but when I saw that the CO had only found two caches I decided to wait for someone else to 'confirm the co-ordinates' first A good move too so it seems: the FTF log later in the evening told of a fruitless twenty minute or so search and then the CO arrived to actually place the cache!!! Mark
  3. Indeed. It could be up a tree with a dummy at the bottom; I've also seen the dummy up a tree with the real cache at the bottom. Even the dimmest dimwits can usually work it out! Not usually. Here's one: GC34N3D Mark
  4. If someone sits at home in front of their PC, manually puts in their home co-ordinates and can see that there is a cache 0.2 miles away in a northerly direction it would be of very limited use and is completely different to someone using an iPhone app where their location is automatically updated and distances easily refreshed Same information it may be, but it's totally different context... Mark
  5. I've also said before about the amount of stuff people can see when they don't log onto the website. OK, with a Trad, you need the co-ords but with a Puzzle or a Multi it's sometimes possible to do the whole lot without logging in (if you're so inclined) Here's an example http://coord.info/GC1D6BC. The full details of how to complete the cache are visible without logging in or needing to know the headline co-ordinates. The same would be even more true for a lot of Puzzles I think it they don't log in they should only see Trads Mark
  6. Just keep it as you've got it with the circle. It's nice and clear and it's obvious what it means once we've been told. Whatever you do will be different to what everyone is used to... Mark
  7. We changed all ours to PMO when I realised that iPhone users could see cache details without even having to have a login! We originally left our EarthCaches as open to all until some jerk logged a TFTC on one of them so I changed them to PMO as well. Mark
  8. Believe it or not, the guidelines actually say: 'We encourage you to find at least twenty geocaches before you choose to hide one.' No idea what form encourage takes Mark
  9. My £0.02 worth: I'd have thought that it would be more logical to have the original icon in the position of the original co-ordinates and then the circle icon (or its replacement) indicating the corrected co-ordinates That way, they position of the original icon will be consistent across all caches whether they have corrected co-ords or not Mark
  10. Same here! We've got 778 Favorite points remaining. Total Favorite Points: 986 So you can see that we DO give favourites but we're a bit picky about what caches get them I've seen instances where cachers do a series of ten bland caches around a park and then award a favorite to one of them at random 'for the series' Mark
  11. I don't think anyone would think archiving that one was unreasonable. It had been out of action for far longer than it had actually worked! Personally I think the rule is fair. Yes it takes a bit of effort to get a pukka photo but that's part of the challenge. Mark
  12. It claims to be working now anyway! (Doesn't work on my work's PC though but that could be the proxy blocking it) Mark
  13. Would I be correct in saying you don't actually mean 'Adopt'? In Geocaching terms, adopting a cache means transferring the cache page and full responsibility for the physical cache container over to someone else. Do you mean you just need someone to go and check on it if need be? Is the reviewer requesting this? Mark
  14. I used to think adopting caches was preferable to archiving but I've changed my mind. Unless a cache is historically important (set pre 2006 maybe?) or is 'grandfathered in' in some way, I'd encourage archiving rather than offering for adoption Why? Because the credit for setting the caches will remain with you The cache pages will be preserved as how YOU wanted them Once they are adopted they can be changed beyond all recognition and you'd have no say in what happens to them. I have seen great caches ruined after adoption It opens up an area for someone else to set new caches You can collect up the pots and re-use them elsewhere Mark
  15. I didn't name and shame! I only named Shame is only felt by those who feel shame. If anyone doesn't like attention being drawn to their actions they shouldn't do it in the first place The CO in question is probably proud of their 'original' idea. Mark
  16. We saw the notifications yesterday as well and thought 'oh dear' or words to that effect Here's the first one in the series GC3HP7Y (They are all PMO) Mark edited to fix link
  17. Aside from not being the slightest bit interested in this, the wording strikes me as a bit vague. What do you mean by value? What actually IS the prize? Is it just a load of money-off vouchers to the value of £100? Mark
  18. Does this thread help? http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=294879&pid=5029811&st=0entry5029811 Mark
  19. No We've placed a few caches and I can say that none of them are on tops of mountains or require specialist equipment They've received several hundred Favourite points in total so they can't be that bad... I'll even go as far to say that there is nothing wrong with a film pot behind a road sign as long as there is a reason for it to be there! Mark
  20. OK, this is not one of our photos but gaz zippy posted it in his log on one of our caches. The cache is GC15YNP Mark
  21. Delta68

    Inventory bug

    Fair enough. Actually, I'm not convinced. This Collectable/Non Collectable nonsense has never made much sense to me. Moving ones own trackables to the Collection makes sense, but I fail to see why a TB owner would want someone else to more it to their collection. I've always assumed that collectable referred to 'collecting' the icons; not allowing other cachers to keep the physical trackable itself! Mark
  22. Delta68

    Inventory bug

    Have a look at this: Yes I really CAN move the trackable Euro@Heinz into my collection even though it's not ours! I just did; see for yourself here! Mark
  23. It's fairly unique (if that's not an oxymoron ) The owner of Ye Olde Survey Monuments GC45CC also has Brass Cap Cache which is the Canadian equivalent - although it might only move around Alberta Mark
  24. I think the best idea would be to have a new set of attributes where the cache owner can show what language(s) the cache page is written in. Visitors could then run PQs to select only those caches which have details in their chosen languages Mark
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