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  1. Our dogs are the reason we started Geocaching in the first place. MrsD bought an Etrex to record how long our dog walks were. They used to accompany us on all our outings and have done many long walks: Chiltern Hundred, LOTC's Mega Series, Ben Nevis, Snowdon, Scarfel Pike etc etc Nowadays, Poppy (the 13½ yo Black Lab) is too slow and stubborn so hardly ever comes with us anymore Whisper, (12yo Yellow Lab) only comes with us on local stuff where it's no big loss if we have to abandon a walk due to cows. She's great company/cover for nighttime FTF trips though I don't think they mind too much because they'd rather run around the woods or chase a tennis ball anyway Mark
  2. Well it took me 30 seconds to track down the owner of that cache! In the past I've tried to contact owners who have given up caching but I don't usually have that much luck Mark
  3. If you want to take a piece of tupperware to hide in the woods for another member of your family to find using a GPS, I'm pretty sure you could. You are asking why you should pay to take part in an orgainsed and staffed activity. It surprises me why you think you shouldn't have to pay! Mark
  4. That's pretty neat actually! When I wanted one for France last month I downloaded the whole country and had to put it on its own card even though I only wanted the middle of Paris and a smidgen by Calais
  5. You can also take your own food as well! When going to the [far cheaper and much more exciting] European parks we hire bikes because it's a lot less hassle than taking our own. Mark
  6. No point in reporting it here! Stick a note or a Needs Maintenance on the cache page Edited to add: Or send the cache owner a message Mark
  7. 'Center Parcs' is deliberately spelt that way so as not to be specific to any one country! There is no country in which spelling of both words is correct. (I think ) Mark
  8. Yup! I don't have a problem with it, nor would I do it! They also charge for canoing, climbing, rowing, horse riding and all sorts of things you can do for free in the outside world if you've got your own equipment! Mark
  9. Never heard of it! Here's a couple of links http://www.aht.org.uk/sci http://www.forestry.gov.uk/forestry/INFD-8KUD2D Mark
  10. http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Map_On_Garmin/Download#Single_European_Countries Mark
  11. Just run a new Pocket Query Alternatively, if you are using GSAK 8 you can refresh the caches already in your database and/or download all the recent logs Mark
  12. How do you know that? There doesn't appear to be a 'caches in all countries except UK' option Mark
  13. We've had logs saying . or :) Th other day we got one saying a bit odd but the cache did actually return and post a proper log The strangest ones we've received were on a series of five cache and they just said 11+1 or 11+2 etc. No idea why. All our caches are pmo as well which stops a lot of the crud but obviously not all of it Mark Edited for typo
  14. Personally, I think the FTF thing shouldn't be on there because it relies on individual cachers logging their finds in a particular way. According to that site, we have one FTF and I certainly don't care enough to go back and edit several hundred logs Even if ours are correct there is no guarantee anyone else's are Mark
  15. Yeah using project-gc Link in original post Unfortunately the event types are split into the separate sub-types Counting just 'normal' events, stevo185 is #1, mollyjak are #14 Mark
  16. Cassandy are #1 UK cachers with the most finds in the US link (might not work) Don't seem to be able to show the number of states Mark
  17. If it's a non English speaking country, it will most probably be ignored just like most other guidelines are ignored Mark
  18. I was playing with http://project-gc.com/ yesterday and discovered that we (Delta68) have found more EarthCaches in Belgium than any other cacher from the UK! Whooo! Fame at last! OK, Maybe not Can you find a spurious category in which you are #1? Mark
  19. Looks like someone has hacked into Simple Paul's account... There's been no mention of Geolympix for a couple of posts now! Mark
  20. castagnari publishes caches so presumably he/she is a reviewer Mark
  21. Nope, this info can only be accessed by the GS Lackys (employed at GS HQ) Hmmm.... I'd assumed that the reviewers could identify sock-puppets quite easily if they wanted to Mark
  22. Needless to say, I'm NOT in the United States Mark
  23. I expect it has been mentioned before, but it's the first time I've seen it This one is a PQ overlay on the map: This one is the same area but viewing the map directly: Mark
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