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  1. When caching with my Oregon, which allows you to see the last 5 logs, my beef isn't with TFTC logs.

    It's with cut n paste essays. Keep your essay about the series to just one cache. First or Last is the norm.

    That way I don't have to trawl through the same blurb to gain any helpful info.


    Agree 100% with this!

    If you've got nothing to say, don't say anything. Cut & Pasted essays are the WORST type of log. Far worse than a 'TFTC'!


    Personally, I wouldn't even log TFTC if the overall experience was negative.



  2. When I plan to go to an area I'll run a PQ for that area but I then run another PQ for the route to the area or for an overlapping circle if you see what I mean.


    At the moment I run the first PQ, load it into GSAK, add the whole lot to the ignore list and then run the second PQ (excluding caches in the ignore list) to avoid duplicates


    What would be really handy is if I could just exclude the results of the first PQ in the 2nd PQ

  3. When we went to Ireland/Northern Ireland earlier this year we used Open Streetmap on the Oregon but I also created an overlay of the county boundaries for MemoryMap on the Mio so I could be sure to tick off the counties I wanted.


    If you've got TomTom, you don't need a map for Europe's First - just park the car and follow the path ;) The much overlooked Kyle's Cache (second oldest cache in Ireland) is a bit trickier to find without mapping though :D



  4. Found some caches today where the previous finders didn't bother dating the logs at all - just a stamp.

    Yeah, yeah everyone plays the game their own way and all that but it would have been nice to know if they were out caching on the same day as us or if they had done the series several days earlier :rolleyes:

    (no log in PQ as yet)




  5. Allowing DNF'ers on our caches to log a retrospective 'find' if we visit the site and cant find the cache ourselves and have to replace it. If the cache proves to be present when we do a maint trip (after a few DNF's), we would obviously not extend this offer. What do you all think? Pitfalls?


    We've always done that on our Puzzles and Wherigos

    With Trads it's just bad luck! :)






    Another Sunday, another D4 that was an instant find.....and for just about everyone else, by the look of the previous logs. Aaaargh!


    Gosh! I was FTF on that one and I never realised it was a D4!

    To be honest, I rarely look at the D/T ratings anyway because they are pretty much meaningless.


    It just emphasizes how silly D/T grid related challenge caches are! :rolleyes:



  7. If you're using GSAK, install the elevation.gsk macro and run that on your nearest caches. It will return the height of each cache for you. Then all you have to do is show the elevation field in your view and click on it to show the caches in order of their height. (Mine shows their height in feet rather than metres, but you can probably change this in GSAK's settings, or simply convert your target into feet.)




    Erm... That's pretty much what I meant when I said 'filter using GSAK'


    Can anyone think of an easier method? :)




  8. I want so see which are the closest caches above 1344 metres


    (I OBVIOUSLY should not have posted this in 'United Kingdom and Ireland' forum! :) )


    I've found a few bookmark lists for countries' highest cache but I don't want the highest - just above 1344m


    The only way I can think of is by running some PQs for likely locations and then filter using GSAK


    Can anyone think of an easier method?





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