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  1. Ik ben druk bezig mijn verzameling Nederlandse Geocoins, (dwz van Nederlandse ontwerpers, teams, events, noem maar op) te inventariseren en, uiteraard blijkt dat m.n. speciale edities/uitvoeringen nog missen. Uiteraard ook munten uit het begin van de geocache-jaartelling. Ook missen er een aantal van de VGC. Zijn er mensen die misschien munten willen verkopen/ruilen of anderszins van de hand willen doen?
  2. I have found the forum, the internet, but until now, besides the 'SSoCA' found nothing of real interest. Is somewhere out there a list, or whatever, of any edition of any coin? Nowadays there are so many, and I do have a few, which in my opinion are not regular editions, but somewhere in the XLE or even XXLE varieties. Difficult to know which is rare and which is not? Please help
  3. WIr, Team Voortrekkers aus Kampen (Holland) wollten den Lost Place Stadt im Wald laufen, sondern diese ist leider im Archive. Gibt es vielleicht rundum das Ruhrgebiet (oder etwas weiter) auch Lost Places wo mann schone lange Multi's laufen kann? Wir lieben cachen im Wald, aber dass können wir in Holland auch sehr oft, also, in Deutschland suchen wir gerne den Lost Place-caches (in Holland gibt's leider nicht so viel), oder einige schöne Caches im Stadtzentrum. Nächstes Wochenende reisen wir ab in die Nähe von Wuppertal, oder...? Vorschläge wilkommen! Grüsse, Richard & Hannemie
  4. In one of the dutch forums people are discussing (...) about creating a kind of 'certification mark'. There should be some local judges to rate the cache. Very hard to implement in my opinion. Something came to mind. I think it should be possible to get the rate of favorites on certain caches (e.g. a favorite% of let's say 50%) to make it a PRO-geocache. People who want to do this cache can upgrade their premium account to a PRO-account (which costs more ofcourse). Just to get rid off all the caches placed behind tree, lanterns and so on. Everyone knows about cachers who play the game a few months, place a few caches and then move on to other hobbies... I know, it's just something that popped up, but I really think this could be something to 'make a difference'.
  5. Is it possible to see in the app which caches are solved? Not only on the map, but preferably in listview.
  6. Als je 't al niet gedaan hebt, zet deze oproep ook op Nederlandse sites, zoals geocaching.nl en/of globalcaching.nl Ik heb de indruk dat die ietsjes meer gelezen worden. Succes!
  7. Hm. Deleted due to very *stupid* question!
  8. I like that last idea. And then residents of Holland, well, born in The Netherlands, should be first in line! Richard -who has all the 3 previous coins, and badly wants the last one, and, a real Dutch guy!-
  9. Accordian and barrel organ essential to this dutch music genre? No, please People do have odd ideas about dutch music, and not only the music! The last coin will have a traditional cd player nowadays dutch dj's use (Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Eric E, Fedde Le Grand to name a few)...
  10. As I watch my statistics, I notice I have one 'found' more than there are 'distinct' caches. Therefore, I think I have logged a cache twice. Is it possible to find out which cache this is, beside going through al logs? I run a Mac, therefore no GSAK for me...As I understand it is possible with GSAK. With the help of a friend I tried this once, but nothing helped. Any other solutions to this 'problem'?
  11. Wel leuk dat je de boel toch in de gaten houdt...
  12. Dat zal voorlopig nog niet gaan, totdat iemand zo slim is een kabel met bijbehorende app te maken, of de draadloze communicatie van beide apparaten op elkaar af te stemmen. Daar hoort dan ook weer een App bij natuurlijk. Geen idee trouwens of de draadloze overdracht van de Garmin apparaten een vorm van Bluetooth is of een eigen protocol... Voorlopig nog niet dus, je kunt gewoon Geosphere gebruiken... Ideaal!
  13. Hij luistert o.a. naar de namen: Nick sTeamTraen riviouveur En is (in het verleden) ook wel op het gc.nl forum actief geweest. Woont in Frankrijk als ik me niet vergis en hij mag van mij zelf uitleggen waarom hij zo goed Nederlands leest en schrijft. Kijk hier 's Bas. Alles over sTeamTraen
  14. Hi, Today I did a download of my found caches (the gpx Groundspeak provides) and it says I have one found less than mentioned in the normal statistics. When I run FindStatGen in Gsak it also says I have 1421 found caches of 1420 distinctive caches. So I guess I logged one twice. Could that be correct? I went to the Gsak-database and did not find a cache logged twice. Anyone suggestions? How to solve this? Thx Richard PS I tried the search function, but nothing came up on this topic.
  15. Looks great! Thanks for developing this app. All we need now is some Wherigo-support or app Thanks again. Richard Kampen - Netherlands
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