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  1. HooRah, the ID coins arrived in today's mail. Totally, fantastically gorgeous coins!!! We are thrilled with them!! Thanks Steph.
  2. Thanks Steph: We got ours today and love them!!! Thanks for sending them to our winter home instead to our summer home!!
  3. Thanks tsun: We are extremely happy about getting these coins. Looks like gmail is the way to go!! As soon as the address popped up, it was a very quick copy, paste, and send.... Yay!!!!! Joan & Ken (SB&MG)
  4. We are in Arizona and can't get through either.
  5. Hi tsun. Both Ken and I are able to access the new site and we both are able to load the cart with the test coin. Thanks so much for your help last night and so sorry for your problems this morning....but we are glad that it just wasn't us . Looking forward to trying this again (we think). Joan & Ken
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