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  1. Thanks. Trying to get some ideas to hide a library cache at my library.
  2. I need help locating caches hidden inside libraries. Please give me GC#'s. Thanks.
  3. Join the Mississippi Geocachers Association website (msga.net) and you will find some fine geocachers in your area. Or, email the hider of the cache you found via the geocaching email address and they will probably be glad to help you. If you come to the Jackson, MS area, contact me, I will be glad to make a cache run with you.
  4. I can't get the Colorado 300 to recognize the querie that I loaded. The E file directory shows the querrie but I get a "no matches found" when I choose the geocaches feature. It just started doing this. Any suggestions????
  5. I will be in Cleveland on weekend of October 10th if you would like to make a cache run. I would like to do a Charleston to Grenada run. Let me know your plans.
  6. Alabama has free hosting and we have donated hosting. Where did we go wrong??????
  7. Hmmmm, that's interesting. What happens when you show up and the log book has been moved and the explanation was " That cacher didn't solve the puzzle so I moved the cache".
  8. Could this debate thrive on the Mississippi Forums???????? Nada. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the National Forum Moderators for allowing meaningful discussion and the dog to chase his tail without a moderato locking down the thread. I know, I'm off topic, but I couldn't resist. Sorry. So far we have three new caches in Mississippi called "Cache Full of Junk" and a 4th is being hid as we speak. I have found all three and they are loaded with high end items. The FTF on each gets an ammo can full of high end items for him to hide. But....they have to do the same as a FTF prize when the hide the ammo can. Neat idea, huh???? I guess we could thank Pat for that. The fact that Pat wanted to air it on a National Forum and it didn't get locked down has allowed a wide variety of opinions and the creation of a series of cache hides in Mississippi. This would have never happened if the moderator had chose to lock it down. Yea, I know. I'm back off topic again, or am I?
  9. Mr. Webchimp, Sir. I love your PMO puzzles. Yogi loves them too??? Keep up the good work. It takes a village to solve most puzzles. Do you agree? Send me the link to a resource for your newest puzzle cache. Difficulty 5????? Geeez. I've been up all night working on that thing. Help. Help.
  10. What is a Silly Animal Geocoin??? The picture of your silver coin has been removed. My logs on the coin page have been deleted.
  11. I had wondered years ago why Bill just all of a sudden went inactive. Now I think I see what was going on that caused him to get out of caching. I think another one of those Vicksburg area cachers had a run in with Max and he is gone also. Max don't approve MS caches anymore. Mtn-man does most of our approving now. Really surprised to see Bill post on these forums but I guess he wanted to get one last shot. Maybe he will get active again and start hiding some new caches in the Vicksburg area.
  12. GC112FN A little late but will try anyway.
  13. Is there any way to look at a whole page of most recent travel bug movement. I can look at the 20 most recent movements but at times I like to look at more than that. Just curious if any one knows of a way to look at the movement sort of like what you can do with the Jeeps. I can look at a whole page of jeep movements.
  14. I'm not to good with directions. I had noticed that you marked the back of the puzzle piece with top but now I see why. Mine doesn't fit to good in the scheme of things, does it????
  15. All I want is the MerMissie coin that was in the haul. Congratulations on 2nd place. Now come home and share the bounty.
  16. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?state_id=34 Hide and Seek Search, choose state and go to the last page.
  17. I discovered the coin. I guess that is as close to the $100 bill that I will get. Ron
  18. Well now I'm confused Ron. What about your premium member alias, geoplanet? Will the real geoplanet please stand up. This is a real interesting twist caused by a feature of the PMO's. It seems that the PMO cache owner gets notified of everyone who views the cache page. I promise, I'm not geoplanet. I'm Ronbo and I love to ronbo caches. Might want to check with the Mississippi Bounty Hunter??? I hope Mississippi doesn't get a bad image in the caching community from this thread. We are the Hospitality State and welcome all to come caching in Mississippi. With Kindest Regards, Ron Willett aka Ronbo
  19. I've said it ever since the PMO cache idea surfaced that it was not good for the caching community as a whole. All the other PM features is fine for the $30 fee. If I wanted them, I would pay the $30. I don't. But.....I do like to find and log all caches I find.
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