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  2. There seems to be no guideline. It is more wrong to log a active cache twice than an archived cache once. Archiving means that the cache is not shown on the map or any search you can do in and it is allowed to publish new caches nearby or to the same place. It is not part of the offician game any more and that's all. Someone could maintain an archived cache for any purpose which leads to interesting question: is it right to remove any cache without owners permission? Here the interpretation of the law is such that geocaches are regarded as a worthless lost objects that the finder can keep, whether they are archived or not.
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  4. Bonjour à tous, j'ai trouvé plein de choses sur les forums, mais pas la réponse à la question suivante : comment créer un itinéraire A PARTIR d'une liste de caches (ou d'une PQ)? Pour l'instant la seule solution que j'ai trouvée, c'est de calculer l'itinéraire cache par cache... un peu longuet! Merci d'avance pour votre aide.
  5. Which OpenStreetMap variant is that? I have a couple of different OSMs on LocusPro but that seems to have more detail and look "cleaner" than the ones I'm using.
  6. Ik lees op verschillende pagina's over peilen dat het verschil tussen peilen in 2 precies tegenovergestelde richtingen altijd een verschil van 180 graden heeft. Dat lijkt mij ook logisch maar nu kom ik bij 2 verschillende tools ( en iets anders tegen, hoe kan dat? Wie kan mij dit uitleggen? Coördinaat A: N53 06.200 E015 12.900 Coördinaat B: N51 59.400 E005 57.160 Afstand 639955 meter Hoek van A naar B 262.5 graden Hoek van B naar A 75.2 graden
  7. Too bad. I did have a few issues with my 600 but I can't complain about accuracy. I use my 600 intensively and except for some lockups (annoying) every once in a while it's doing what it's supposed to do. I keep a backup of my profiles on my PC and tablet and if something gets messed up I just overwrite the profile again (hasn't happened in a long time). Maps are OSM and OCM so no extra cost (use them at home and on holiday). I operate my 600 almost blindly, All that's needed is on the main screen, less needed stuff needs an extra swipe.
  8. I'm still struggling to see how the archived cache I found was a guideline violation. The CO archived it because he thought it was missing. How was he supposed to go out and retrieve a missing cache? Sometime over the ensuing decade, either the cache was returned by the muggle who took it, or I found it in a different cave to the one the CO hid it in. What guideline was violated here? For the record, I logged a note rather than a find, but for different reasons. To me, an archived cache is out of the game, so I didn't feel comfortable logging a find on it even though I'd found it and signed the log. But that's just me, I'd have no qualms about someone else logging a find in similar circumstances.
  9. Not accepting new requests will probably drive people to the "official apps" if their apps stop being developed. So there might be a reason for not allowing new players.
  10. In the future try to get OpenStreetMap maps for your garmin, that saves you the cost of the maps (in return you could contribute your local trail knowledge to make the map better and benefit yourself of it)
  11. GSAK imports data into an SQLite database. Once it's done that one can write queries in SQL to extract any data one wants, and execute them using any convenient SQLite client. I've done this already. My problem with GSAK was setting it up to request the right data from the API in the first place. I don't know whether the difficulties I encountered are down to limitations in the API, or limitations in the GSAK implementation. I already have a solution for one part of my project using PQs and PHP. Since GSAK now imposes a 2 minute nag delay on anything useful it's rendered itself unusable for this project, and since the project is only really of interest to me, it isn't worth paying the cost for a product I'd almost certainly never use again. I still haven't decided what to do with the results I have. They don't reflect well on certain individuals so I might just wrap it all up and forget about it.
  12. I'm not at all happy with my Oregon 600. My old 60cx was a breeze and very accurate. My Oregon is just not at all user friendly for geocaching and I'm sorry I ever bought it. I have reset it and resetup the screens and it's still a PITA to geocaching with. I can never find what I want on the 600 (screen stuff, not the caches, lol). Maybe I just need to get everything off (menus, screens, etc) and have a few basic ones for geocaching only....what a waster for the money I spent for it plus cost of maps...aargh. But, now that I have it I'm looking for perhaps a 10" tablet so am very happy with all of your responses. Will look into all you posts.
  13. Thanks for the DING Boggin's Dad. Going from geography to history with a 2-part question. Who was the first English king to marry a German woman, and what was her name.
  14. Speakers-corner is close with their first guess, I am going to give them the DING. My answer was 409 sq km Over to your
  15. Are you are getting your coords that way off of google earth. You can go into the settings and click on them until you pick the right ones. For some reason, for me anyways the default one is wrong and I always have to go change it. I am not saying to get your coords from google earth but that is where I have seen them in the wrong format the most. If you are going to keep caching it is best to change it so you can use it as a tool for hides.
  16. Or you can just use a calculator. There are 60 minutes in a degree so 0.7726x60=46.356 and 0.3269x60=19.614. That makes your DDM coordinates N 53 46.356, W 002 19.614. Positive latitude is north and negative longitude is west.
  17. +1 yes! Or alternatively fix existing features (such as pocket queries) so that the available data matches that obtainable through the API.
  18. My 2018 goals: 1) Don’t break any bones. :-/ 2) There is a devious micro I can’t find that I’m hoping to get in my Found list for 2018. 3) And I’d like to hit 500 caches. I don’t have a lot of free time for caching unfortunately (and I usually avoid LPCs and the like) so it’s a slow go. But I think I’ll get there. Not very exciting goals for most I guess.
  19. I have never intentionally looked for an archived cache. The few that I have found were archived after I had last run my pocket query and refreshed the lists.
  20. Ouch! **You have found 169 caches of 15 and earned 21427 days of 1500 required to qualify.** And only ten have been archived! But I like lonely hiking caches.
  21. You are not going to win any friends or influence a positive outcome with that comment. Reviewers review and publish, disable and archive as appropriate. They are not authorized to adjudicate disputes regarding the legitimacy of logs. Requiring local reviewers to make those kind of decisions would invariably lead to charges of favoritism. I also suspect it would cause many VOLUNTEER reviewers to quit volunteering.
  22. A very quick web search gave me this: You'll want the second one down: decimal degrees to GPS Coordinate (DDD MM.MMM)
  23. In what way can't you get it to work? What did you do, what did you expect to happen, and what happened instead? I prefer a third-party solution checker, but I had no difficulty getting the built-in solution checker to work when I tried.
  24. Not sure I'm seeing the difference. Allow logs on a virtual that is not available due to a Christmas tree on the plaque? Should be marked disabled? As in 'not available'? How is that any different than allowing selfie on a webcam that isn't working?
  25. If I remove geolitter I would not log nothing at all. Why should I log that I found some trash? I have other ways to get my Last to Find merits. Do you qualify?
  26. I believe it a good idea to only do what you're comfortable with. - We don't see folks concerned about archived caches enough to think logging a find after removing it would "encourage" any behavior. Guess if some are actually seeing issues, a mail to HQ could get it fixed. I'd think if HQ thought logging them has become a problem, they'd lock them after archival. Of course all the reasons you should be able to log them are probably factored in as well...
  27. This is not what I had hoped for using as a Puzzle coordinate checker, due to the fact that I can't get it to work. Is this FALSE advertising?
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