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  2. I don't remember how much it was, but I got a box of a bunch (50? 100?) with lids back in 2008. I've used many, and reuse them every time I move. I've probably given a couple dozen away. And I am sure I have a couple dozen left in the box they came in. I don't recall it being that expensive when I bought it. The same ones are selling for 4.25 euro for a set of 5 here, which is likely where I got 'em back then. (I still have the box, I suppose I could check the label.) I want to get a few "XXL PETlings" before I move - looks like the blank is for larger juice containers, rather than the normal PETling, which is the blank for a 0.5L or so bottle. End product is about the same size as a decon container, but better against water; and 10 euros for a set of five, not a bad deal! But I don't think I'll give those away.
  3. That is very cool ! We still have a lot, but wouldn't think to leave a pile for others. We're pretty-much the last to use those long-term containers here, I feel maybe because many aren't thinking that far into the future. One funny one happened SW of us once. Guy put out one of those "which one is the log?" ammo can fulla film cans. Folks (new people mostly) started grabbing the film cans, and a few parks had brand-new caches placed. Made it a bit easier for folks to find later.
  4. I'm not fond of forum topic titles that state a conclusion before the facts are discussed.
  5. That's the best I've seen for micros. I'm impressed. You spent some money. In my area it was typically film canisters, back then you could get a free sackfull of them at the drug store.
  6. What did you use as "seed" containers? Typically one of these:
  7. That's a fair point. Though I would rebut that I've found some caches that were overall decent (good puzzle, or good location, or even both) except for a poor choice in cache container, like a leaky pill bottle. If even one of the PET preforms/PETlings I've put in caches as swag has been used to make a decent cache in lieu of a leaky pill bottle (or leaky soup container, or leaky and rusty mint tin, and so on), then I think it was worth putting them all out there.
  8. Gathering the reasons listed so far as to why seed caches were/are a bad idea: I'd just as soon not see a flood of new urban pill bottles anyway. Not everyone is cut out to be a cache owner. Some finders felt guilty if they didn't hide one of the cache containers when they found the cache. This resulted in some more crappy cache placements. This is especially bad when the containers are not so great for placement in the wilds. Such as pill bottles wrapped in tape. ...avoid encouraging people who are not ready to own geocaches from hiding geocaches for reasons other than the desire to own and maintain a geocache. ...giving out containers does carry with it a bit of a moral obligation on the recipient to use them. ...lead to a devolution of crappy cache containers in questionable locations. [Didn't] improved the game in the slightest. We saw new folks that won a stocked cache at an event auction look for a spot to place it in that park that day . If the only thing stopping someone from hiding a cache is their ability to purchase a container, then they probably shouldn't be hiding.
  9. I've put out caches with other cache containers in them, as recently as last year, with the hope that someone would use them to hide a cache. I just didn't mention it on the cache page, or even in the cache log. I didn't see them in the cache when I checked back, so perhaps they are being used as I intended. (Perhaps after I move, the cacher who stole some of our ammo can caches will place them out as new hides as well. While obviously I'd prefer it if they had not been stolen in the first place, the best I can hope for at this point is that they be used for geocaches.)
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  11. Does he have proof, such as a photograph? Many victuals want this. Did he answer any questions and send them to the CO?
  12. I love using greetings from in my logs
  13. The note says “may need attention” “May” is used several times in the note. My guess, is coding for nuances in the system is not possible.
  14. Thank goodness that the Geocache Hiding Guidelines and the related Help Center articles expressly cover (1) encouragement to hide more caches being considered an agenda, and (2) the "pop culture" exception to the commercialism guideline that permits caches themed around sports teams, movie characters, etc. The reviewer in question is following that published guidance.
  15. Welcome mate! PS: Your land is in our thoughts.
  16. Hola. Hay muchos cachés por ahí ... pero puedes comenzar escondiendo algunos de los tuyos. ¡Bienvenido!
  17. Early in the game I found a foot locker full of ammo cans, each with stash note taped into the inside lid, baggied log and pencil. No swag. Nothing on the cache page about it. Nothing. I thought it was pretty cool. Now I think it less cool, because if the only thing stopping someone from hiding a cache is their ability to purchase a container, then they probably shouldn't be hiding. Still, foot locker, full of ammo cans... opening it was a hoot. (Locker wasn't particularly water tight, but didn't need to be.)
  18. >>>> the images were routed through a proxy server I wonder how on Earth this change could ever be approved in the first time at HQ, as It was easily foreseeable that this would break many mysteries, e.g. those that rely on returning on-the-fly an image, maybe depending on the client's request... Some of our puzzles are broken, some by fellow geocachers, some we have solved in the past... Groundspeak please: - roll back this unfortunate change ("We have rolled this update back"; no, it's still on) - refrain in the future to change a service we are paying for without prior notice. Thanks.
  19. Sorry....but are you really comparing plastic bins and ammo cans to art and architecture?
  20. Dus downloaden van de cartidge werkt via de site anngezien je aangeeft daarna de file te kopieren?
  21. Misschien geen nieuw topic, maar ik kan er nu niets recent over vinden. Ik probeer al een aantal keer een Wherigo-cartridge te downloaden op mijn android app: Whereyougo. Eerst probeer ik het vanaf de site van de cache door op het logo van de Wherigo te drukken. Whereyougo opent dan, het ga door bij inloggen, maar bij downloaden geeft deze aan: fout. Ik heb ook al via de computer geprobeerd, het bestand te downloaden en naar de telefoon te kopiëren. Eerst naar de whereyougo map op mijn extra schijfje, dan ook naar de map die whereyougo aangeeft. Maar bij beide mogelijkheden komt de Wherigo niet in het lijstje tevoorschijn. Ik heb de app al eens verwijderd en opnieuw gedownload, opnieuw ingelogd, telefoon uit/aan gezet, niets helpt. Wie heeft er een tip? Bij voorbaat dank. Joke18
  22. Okay, but I'm still curious as to why an unpublished cache that's actually sitting in the queue awaiting review gets the "reminder" about needing some attention. There's nothing I can do to remedy the situation other than pull it out and archive it, which I presume isn't the desired outcome of this reminder.
  23. Ja das kenn ich. Mich hat es auch schon das eine oder andere Mal gejuckt einen Cache zum Thema eines anderen Hobbies von mir zu machen, ich hab's dann aber sein gelassen. Ich lege nur Caches die auch auch selbst gerne machen würde.
  24. Out of curiosity, what is the "abuse"?
  25. Kurz off topic: Es gibt aber auch echt super Mysteries, wo sich die Owner was tolles ausdenken, hier mal ein Beispiel: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC74F17_help-the-stickman Auf das untere Bild klicken und den Anweisungen folgen....
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