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  2. There's quite a few still around earlier than '02, so I'd take a guess that maybe it was adopted by another? We're one of a couple who favorited many long-archived caches and they're still there. Owned caches are part of others cache history as well as the CO, so I believe they'd have to remain on record.
  3. As a mod (that also runs resources where I rely on community support) I have to walk a careful line, I'll admit to typing and then discarding a request/warning that it'd have been more tasteful IMHO, to include some amount of the text of the problem and direct links to the discussion. In the future, please include a more self contained post. Sites like GPSrchive are a tradition of GPS - indeed, most tech topics - but try a more balanced approach that compromises page views and a flow of information. Garmin 6x0 users upgrading to 5.20 should see the gpsrchive forum discussion and bugreport#80 about garbled background images. HHL, Atlas Cached - like you - is a long time member here with a long history of helping others. Please be nice.
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  5. This analysis is flawed. You should compare similar new caches across time. Find frequency on individual caches naturally declines over time because people typically only find a cache once.
  6. So fun to be part for this mission once again! Sent my info to Laval K-9: Sunday 19th November 2017 Name received from Laval K-9: Sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
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  8. Greetings Claire, I'd like to join, please!!! WOOF, WOOF to Wyatt and Jake!!! Sent my info to Laval K-9: November 18, 2017 Name received from Laval K-9: Sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift: HINTS FOR MY MISSION PARTNER: My favorites are astronomy/astrology, new age, alien, Celtic, Egyptian, OWL, hedgehog, horse, dog, dragons, cars, motorcycles, colorful/glow. The top on my wish list are a GC trackable North Dakota Coin, Kealia's Well Rounded Cacher 81 Challenge Coin. I enjoy surprises, too, and would be happy with any Coins I may receive for Missions!!!
  9. OK, sorry I've been scary slow in updating the Missions. According to my records and posts, the following have not received their Missions yet. Please let us/me know if you have gotten your gift. MISSION NOT RECEIVED BY THE FOLLOWING: The 6th Hobbit Team BearCat GeoCharmer81 (me)
  10. Yes, there is a different round of "behind the scenes" work underway that could affect whether a cache would be included in a pocket query, even if there is no visibly apparent update.
  11. So fun to participate again, excited :-) Sent my info to Laval K-9: Saturday 18 November Name received from Laval K-9: Sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  12. I think it's more significant if the number of finds are decreasing, rather then the number of hides. Around here, once the for-the-numbers geocachers finish up, there's not much in the way of finds. For example one of my traditional hides, walk in a nature area, D1/T2.5 got 40 finds in 2015 (it's first year of placement). 9 in 2016. 5 in 2017. Another similar traditional cache of ours, walk in the woods, D1.5/T2 got 57 finds in 2005 (first year), 51 finds in 2006, 29 finds in 2007, 37 finds in 2008. Hmmm. Maybe this is part of the problem. There are so many caches out there. But fewer people finding them. It's not so rewarding as a hider anymore. I know the few visits provide little incentive and today I got yet another log: 'Spent the day trying to find a bunch of multi/puzzles and yours was one of them, TFTC'. It just doesn't inspire or motivate me like it use to back in 2005.
  13. Just a quick question. Is geocaching dropping old caches after a certain amount of time? My original placed cache seems to have disappeared. It was placed in 2002. Mike
  14. As a personal geocaching rule, I have not, nor do I have plans to, make any of my caches Premium Member Only. I have nothing against those who hide premium caches and I can understand their reasoning behind it. However, where I live, I have had no reason (knock on wood) to hide my caches behind a pay-wall or any other method that limits an interested user from searching for it. Again, this is just my own personal rule.
  15. Gracias! voy a leer
  16. Most of the time, those banners are built from some third party homepages and/or groups. You can grab some here by instance. More here, here and here, etc.
  17. They would bring their own of course. When I found one like that, I used a library card. I would also add a geocaching sticker on the bottom or side of it.
  18. Yesterday, 18th November Sydney time, I logged 9 Lab Caches at the Alexandra event. In my statistics on my profile, they have appeared on 17th November. I planned to do the last one today as pat of an attempt to get 10 cache types in a day. Why has this happened and how can I fix my stats, please?
  19. The last time this happened HQ was doing behind the scenes work that resulted in caches that hadn't been visited, logged or visibly altered in years showing up in PQs that used the "Updated in the last 7 days" filter. Wouldn't surprise me if that was happening again, and if it is, those PQs will likely all max out until a week after they're done.
  20. Hola: Ya vi que varios Jugadores tienen banners en sus perfiles, que se refieren a los geocaches encontrados, o a los eventos asistidos. Me gustaría hacer algunos para mis caches. Pero no se cual es la medida y lamentablemente no soy muy buena diseñando. Alguna idea o alguien que se ofrezca a colaborar? Gracias ***I use translate google*** Hello: I already saw that several players have banners in their profiles, which refer to the geocaches found, or to the attended events. I would like to make some for my caches. But I do not know what the measure is and unfortunately I'm not very good at designing. Any idea or someone who offers to collaborate? Thank you
  21. I just upgraded to v4.90 on my 64s and the difficulty, terrain and size indicators are mission on the various cache pages such as description, hint, etc Anyone else encounter this? Downgraded to v4.80 and they're back.
  22. Thank you for your reply.
  23. Same here with Safari on Mac OS X 10.12.6. The line breaks remain when displayed in the Android Geocaching app which I rarely use.
  24. When I send a message the Message Center deletes all the line returns which creates a big blob of text. Very hard to read. The behavior seems to have started this month. What's going on? Safari on Mac OS X 10.12.6. Thanks.
  25. Lurker? Sounds harsh. Been caching on and off since 06. Decided to jump in to it more,aggressively now that the 25 yr marriage has crashed and burned. In Athens, OH for the weekend and I am AMAZED at how many caches there are. As far as why people lurk? Life, so many online social options, who has time to participate regularly? Each social media choice seems to have a hardcore group of regulars. Interesting that this geocache board has been described as "ugly. My interest has been peaked, think I will lurk a bit, lol. Happy caching!!!!
  26. Same person, same day.
  27. Maybe cachers are running out of room on the game board. I don't worry about these kinds of things. There are plenty of caches in the world to go find, and worrying about "declining numbers" all the time is not necessary in my opinion. I've only found a little over a thousand caches with no end in sight. Cache on.
  28. I think these are kind of cool, and when I see one I know I'm close to the geocache.
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