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  2. I would take a look at automation software that could do the trick for you. Granted, it'll take some time to set it up correctly, but it's probably going to be way more fun. Well, perhaps that's just me being a programmer, but maybe it's something for you.
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  4. The Cache Owner's Dashboard shows icons for the most recent three logs for each cache (the most recent on the left), along with the total number of finds, FPs and DNFs for each owned cache:
  5. Die neue Version 0.10.12 zum GC little helper II steht hier zur Verfügung. Sie kommt auch per automatischem Update. Details zu den Anpassungen gibt es im Changelog. Liebe Grüße Frank
  6. When looking at your own Geocaches to be able to see if there are Notes, DNFs or NM. Right now I have to use GSAK to be able to see any. I would like to see them when I am in the field so I can see if any need checking right way. Maybe have like the 4 boxes like in GSAK. Green for found, Red for DNF and Gray or yellow for notes
  7. I'm home now and just fired up the phone and app to find everything is back to normal, all caches showing including the ones that weren't showing this morning. Hmm. However, when I zoom out the 200 cache "circle" is back in the same spot, no other caches statewide are showing.
  8. Sure would! Maybe two minutes tops since we can bulk add geocaches to a list?
  9. Your app shows a filled in filter indicating to me that it's being used. Just an observation.
  10. It is difficult to find out from a distance what is damaged on your computer. Firefox occasionally has problems with its user profiles. We once put together instructions, but only in German. See if you can get on with it. You should maybe save the settings of the GCH beforehand.
  11. It looks like the ones you can't see are caches that don't have any Solar System Wonders, so maybe check your Wonders filter settings.
  12. I also had a problem using the app today that I've never come across before. I'm not sure it's related. I was doing a maintenance run and tried to access a cache to write an OM but it would not come up on the screen. All my nearby caches were not showing either. I thought it may have been a poor phone signal but a quick check showed signal strength was good. I found that if I zoomed out all my other caches north of where I was came into view. That seemed odd. I zoomed right out until all caches north of me were gathered together into a 200 cache "circle" which seemed to be centred around my ho
  13. My first GPSr was an Etrex 10. However, from the start I took out Premium Membership and set up (on my computer) GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) to which I loaded Pocket Queries and loaded my Etrex 10 from there. I found it quite easy to do that way and I've never loaded GPX files directly so I can't help there. Someone will be along soon possibly have an answer to your specific problem.
  14. They might want to make allowances for it, but it seems like an obvious case of date shifting, so I don't see a reason to forgive it. Once you say it's OK for trips, you can just as well say...."If you're sick for a day or two, it's OK to shift dates, since obviously you can't cache on those dates." A major point of a streak is that you've successfully kept things like trips get in the way.
  15. I'm excited about a new Mission !! Maybe the mail won't take months this time 😎😎😎 Mission 1 Sent my info to Laval K-9 : 2/26/21 Name received from Laval K-9: 3/5/21 Sent my gift : 3/8/21 My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift: Mission 2 Sent my info to Laval K-9: 2/26/21 Name received from Laval K-9: 3/5/21 Sent my gift: 3/8/21 My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift: Thanks so much for giving us something to look forward to !!
  16. If you add the existing caches to the watch list of the new combined account you will get notified when there is a log. This would be a lot faster then adoption.
  17. If you submit a ‘skeleton’ listing you can ask the reviewer to check your coords for proximity issues, etc. See here: https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=22&pgid=199 That will also hold the spot (unless someone else has a cache ahead in the queue).
  18. If you start new caches at each of the proposed locations but DON"T submit them for review the spots are held unless someone wants to place a cache at one of them. If so you would be contacted and would have to either complete your listing or give up the spot.
  19. Mission #1 Sent my info to Laval K-9: February 23, 2021Name received from Laval K-9: March 6, 2021Sent my gift: March 8, 2021My gift arrived at destination:I received a gift: Mission #2 Sent my info to Laval K-9: February 23, 2021Name received from Laval K-9: March 6, 2021Sent my gift: March 8, 2021My gift arrived at destination:I received a gift
  20. That's right. And while I might not be 100% pure (replace a cache fix a cache there) I refuse to perform such a challenge as streaking for 1000's of days knowing it isn't true and then publicly claiming success. MY blanket statement is strictly referring to our geographically local streakers claiming a streaks on the order of 1000's of days.. 2000, 3000, and higher. I am not suggesting it isn't possible for someone to complete.. just that nearly all our locals with streaks this high HAVE cheated.
  21. Welcome to @IlGattito , and congrats on your first published waymarks
  22. Thanks for all the info. I'm not at all familiar with the nuts and bolts of Wherigo and I've learned quite a bit. The OWL file is plain text and gave me everything I needed. Reading it is effectively replaying the adventure. I tried to go to Wherigo.com, but both Chrome and Firefox warned about invalid security certificates, so I backed out. I don't actually need to go there now that I know about the OWL file. Thanks again Tony
  23. @Pyro1 ... regelmäsig kommuniziert oder zumindest einen konkreten Termin angeben, wann's weitergeht, wäre das Zauberwort gewesen... Falls kein konkreter Termin bekannt ist, einfach einen nennen und vor Ablauf einen neuen angeben, wenn der erste nicht haltbar ist. Keine "Zauberworte" sind dagegegen diese: "Umstände halber gibt es nochmals eine Verzögerung. Falls nötig ist eine einfache Ersatzdose aber zeitnah möglich." Wie ich selbst schon erfahren durfte, wurde der Cache dann, ohne weitere Vorwarnung zwangsarchiviert. Grüßle Johannis10 PS: Falls du mal in der Nähe bi
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  25. You can contact the reviewer of the caches that have been published nearby. It'll be the very first log on the geocache page. You can ask them to check the coordinates for any conflict and explain the situation to them. They will advise you on what to do next.
  26. Am working with community group and district to put out a new cache. It will be a mystery cache requiring visits to other locations that won't be ready until June Group would like this cache out at the end of June. How do I save the location we have chosen and get it approved by the reviewers? I won't be able to complete the actual cache page until mid June when the other locations are ready.
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