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  2. It's precisely that... a personal option for owners. Being "opposed" to what others decide about their caches (and the time and resources spent)... seems to me a bit extreme.
  3. Apps are not one-time-paid or even "free". The new business model is subscription for Apps. Some form of cash flow. Without that, the App vanishes. I used to send caches to my GPS for the coordinates and to a Palm PDA for cache descriptions. Or I printed them out. That's the free way to do it, and it remains very similar except that now the entire description gets downloaded instead of just a partial one.
  4. hey everyone! what are your opinions on premium only caches? i for one am oposed to them. all my hides are public and will be as long as i live.
  5. This is a classic and well understood example, and niraD has explained the legalities of it. I just want to add that the geocacher not going on the trip is just his loss. Instead of seeing this as some kind of unfair Attended grab, be happy that he found some small solace by logging the Attended even though he didn't get to go on the trip. And use the opportunity. Next time, contact him in advance and ask if you should bring an extra boat for him. Personally, I think your idea of having an event that really is the trip is perfectly reasonable, and I would rather GS didn't implement the rules that requires the starting point as the only part that's officially part of the event. But, having said that, GS's reasons for doing what they've done come out in this example. If you were allowed to deny the Attended because he didn't go on the trip, that would be exclusionary. The current rules try to make all events *include* anyone that attends: you include him in the event, include him in the preparations, and perhaps that will encourage him to join the trip in next time. I'm sure that, if the rules were different, you'd still make the person showing up for the event yet unable to participate welcome and use your charm and wit to encourage them to come along next time. But the rules are designed for lesser event owners because the event system itself makes it hard not to be accepting. The cost of letting someone who doesn't paddle along log Attended strikes me as insignificant.
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  7. How long since you guys have actually tried the basic member experience on the official app? Or downloading all your caches as individual gpx files to your gpsr I guess.
  8. Ah I see now , so it is my "top solver chart" that is causing the error as it embeds an image using HTML. I have removed the banner program and all is well again . Thank you very very much ........ John
  9. Yes, because as far as Groundspeak is concerned, the event takes place for 30 minutes (or more) at the posted coordinates. The paddling that happens before (or after) is not part of the event. Groundspeak doesn't care about the intention. Moving events are not allowed. The event must take place at the posted coordinates, and anyone who arrives there can log it as Attended. Ditto. What happens if folks arrive at the CITO event and there isn't enough CITO work to do to keep them all busy for 30 minutes (or however long the event is scheduled to last)? Same thing.
  10. Here's a theoretical question. Let's say someone hosts a paddle event, T5, with the posted coordinates at the landing where the event participants are to gather. A geocacher without a boat shows up at the coordinates at the start time of the event, hangs out for a short while, and then leaves. a) Should that geocacher get to log the event because they were at the posted coordinates at the time of the event? b) Should the geocacher not be able to log the event because the intention of the event was a paddle event? Here's another theoretical question. Let's say someone hosts a CITO event. A geocacher shows up, says hi to everyone, and then leaves, without cleaning anything up. a) Should that geocacher get to log the event because they were at the posted coordinates at the time of the event? b) Should the geocacher not be able to log the event because the intention of the event was a CITO? Thanks!
  11. Those should be fine, because the HTML is on your own personal server, and is being linked to in the description. You can keep making those and you will be just fine. The only thing that HQ is changing is that they don’t want third-party images embedded directly in the cache description.
  12. I don't really follow sports (other than hockey, barely, because my wife is a Sharks fan), so I looked up their web site. It looks like there are no minor league games this season.
  13. Here are a few of my caches all using HTML/CSS/Javascript, all being hosted on my server. GC8TR4X GC82AJP GC87M62 GC8AB1A Many Thanks John
  14. I don't give out very many favorite points, so those that get one are usually something quite novel or particularly well constructed. Here is my list of non-archived Colorado favorites, most or all of which should be within your range. My logs will often reveal the specific reason for the favorite point. https://coord.info/BM8JXE0
  15. If you can share the GC code of an existing puzzle of yours, we can tell you if that “type” of puzzle will work in future.
  16. That’s unfortunate. You could also try contacting the email listed on the repository’s home page. whereyougo@cgeo.org
  17. Does the gif add value to the cache page? As in, is it required for the person looking for the cache to be able to find it? If it's purely decorative, I'd say replace it with a static image. But I'm also firmly in the "least amount of bandwidth possible" camp, I know many people are now on unlimited plans and it isn't an issue. But there are still a significant number of people who need to be careful how much data they use. One use that I can think of off the top of my head is an animated gif that looks like a static image for 20 odd seconds, then briefly changes to something else (like part of the numbers for the GZ) and then changes back. So the person looking for the cache would need to work out that they need to keep looking at the screen until the numbers they need flash up, or take a screenshot or something. Not saying that that's the only way to use a gif, that's just the first non-aesthetic option I thought of.
  18. thanks!! i have been caching for a while now!
  19. IIRC, this ended in 2011 with the OCATT series and surrounding caches in the Yonkers to Croton gorge park area. 30 miles. I've heard of the OCATT series, and know someone that used to live in Yonkers, but wasn't aware that is was used in a Cache Machine and it's over 4 hours away from here. From the cache page on one of the OCATT caches: "If you are looking for a quick P&G numbers crunch like other mega-series runs, this isn't it."
  20. Thanks for the tip. I tried to do the above, but was unable to sign up (required for bug reporting) to the hub properly. It does not verify my email although I do receive the emails from the hub, and have tried alternative methods to get the mail address verified. Bummer! This is getting really annoying!
  21. I didn't know that. Tennessee is one of my favorite states. My mother-n-law used to live in Johnson City. Are the Tennessee Smokies playing baseball? Went to one of their games last time I was there.
  22. The hopefully meaningful difference is that now the user gets to decide if they want interact with your server.
  23. In the future, you will provide a link (not an image) to your own server where you will store everything about your puzzle. Practically, this gives you more ways to collect data than ever before.
  24. Also, the dates are UTC, not local. This means that anyone who finds a stage in the Australian morning gets the previous day's date.
  25. Well, a lot of European settlers moved to the USA/Canada in the old days. That's why I was hoping that they brought this tradition with them. But like I said, the chronograms can be found on all kinds of buildings, structures and so on. I even found one on a tombstone. But it seems as if they are not easy to find in Canada/USA. Even in Europe they are easy to find in some countries and hardly in another. But old churches are a good place to look for them. It's just that they are often not above the entrance, but on a seprate item. I lately saw a chronogram at the bottom of the organ balcony referring to the restauration of it. It's really hard to say, where they can be found, because I find them in all kinds of places (within a church).
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