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  2. Danke, Matthias! Das wird es sein und das hieße, dass es eben nicht plötzlich passiert. Meine aktiven Listings habe ich durchgeschaut und da sieht alles gut aus. Genau das hier halte ich nämlich für durchaus möglich, dabei wäre eine Message "Du, sag mal, bei .... sieht das komisch aus, soll das so sein?" doch gar kein Problem. :-) Was es nicht alles gibt - Rotieranweisungen im Exif, ich lerne immer dazu. Herzliche Grüße Jochen
  3. Bei Groundspeak wurde im Januar ein Bilderproxxy eingeführt. Und falls Du auch solche Exif-Drehungen verwendet hast, kannst Du nur mit Sicherheit sagen dass es auf Deinem Rechner mit Deiner Software richtig angezeigt wurde. Möglicherweise haben sich einige schon lange über Deine seltsamen Listings geärgert, ohne Bescheid zu geben. LG Matthias
  4. Hallo Holger, man kann auf der Webseite die Koordinaten von Caches anpassen. Das ist zum Beispiel bei Mysterys sehr praktisch, wenn man sie gelöst hat. Das ist natürlich eine Einstellung, die nur in deinem Profil sichtbar ist und beeinflusst die Darstellung auf der Karte. Hast du vielleicht aus Versehen die Koordinaten deines Caches geändert? Klicke diese einmal an. Bei deiner Büchse der Pandora steht bei mir dann zum Beispiel Wenn ich sie jetzt ändern würde, könnte ich hier beim nächsten Klick die Originalkoordinaten mit den jetzt geänderten Listingkoordinaten vergleichen. Die Koordinaten werden dann auch unterstrichen, wenn sie geändert wurden. Herzliche Grüße Jochen
  5. Results of my quick test (~30 minutes): Degrees removed: 62 - 26.404 11.770 64 - 26.405 11.772 66 - 26.4043 11.7763 They were sitting side by side on a table with good view of the sky. ETA - All were using just GPS. The 62 & 64 started out agreeing form the start (about the same numbers), but the 66 first showed 26.4352 11.7780
  6. Zumindest die Koordinaten werden ja jetzt schon beim Upload automatisch aus den Bildern entfernt. Und das es mit den "verdrehten" Bildern nicht mehr funktioniert kann auch mit dem Bilderproxxy zu tun haben, den Groundspeak kürzlich eingeführt hat. LG Matthias
  7. This isn't about fixing; it's about improving. Bruce specifically states that it isn't "broken", which doesn't imply it needs fixing but he also states that it's not a case of "worse" or "bad". I don't have a problem with "bad" (although I think those that dislike challenges specifically due to the required ALR do) but I do with "worse". This suggestion, in his view, is just an improvement, not a fix of a broken system or a needed tweak to something that's bad. As defined, an improvement implies a better than/worse than comparison. "New and improved" implies that the original version is "older and worse" than the new one.
  8. Right, but the API limits basic member users of partner apps to a limit of three caches per day. For a casual geocacher, this may be fine. If you only go geocaching on weekends, you can save off three per day all week long, and then find 21 on your outing.
  9. So if anyone is not familiar with Mystery Science Theater 3000 or Rifftrax, it's basically funny commentary recorded over bad movies. In one particular movie ('Grizzly') on Rifftrax, a character named Scott gets mauled and killed by a bear. Two park rangers find his body and wonder how to get his body out of the forest. One says they should bury the body and send the coordinates for it to be picked up later...at which point Mike Nelson says "Okay but bright side...Scott is now an amazing geocaching destination" https://www.amazon.com/RiffTrax-Grizzly-Michael-J-Nelson/dp/B07BF31NZ7 (also availabe to watch for free on "Tubi")
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  11. The problem with two units, is if they disagree which one is the more accurate? Three is a better choice, if two agree (somewhat) that's a good indication. It they form a triangle, try the middle. I can't test the 60 vs. 64, my 60 died when I crushed the screen as it cushioned my hip from a rock. But I do have a 62, 64 and 66 sitting outside right now to see how close the lat/lon match.
  12. Yikes! Reminds me of all the Little Free Libraries I recently visited that had cameras and a note that said the police were watching. But they're the authorities! I've been to caches, and found a camera watching me. If I knew in advance, I would have disguised myself a lot better and waited to log. The Chief prefers we not be identified.
  13. Curious, did you notice two posts up ?
  14. On some sub screens from the Dashboard there is a return link top left eg: Dashboard ----> Drafts It would be good if this was replicated on this Cache Owner Screen
  15. Hoping you're kidding. Even if you don't mention it, a couple people we know of that tried that had them taken. Then with all the new privacy laws springing up, maybe you'd get in a bind over it. "Someone's taking pictures of my kids" is one... Once word gets out, expect some unusual things placed in front while folks go about their business. We know of one that caught someone "going about their business". Turned out to be a hunter, not a cacher.
  16. Obrigado, Rui. Cumprimentos
  17. In my opinion, Adventure Labs are so different than geocaching. For the most part. But what really makes me think it doesn't belong is when I see every stage of an AL have a QR code taped nearby. That just makes it feel, to me, like a whole different activity.
  18. I used to cache with a couple people (both north of 25K finds) that used to carry two GPSr of different brands because of how they calculate position so GZ was varied between the two and some COs were using TomToms and for some reason there was noticeable variance. The caches I've mostly been going after are older caches, so I'm wondering if there is a difference between GPSrs of different generations.
  19. I'll be interested to see the results. As Cerberus mentions, a +/- of 10 ft. is considered normal so something that puts you at 20 feet is still within a +/- 10 of your coordinates and the posted coordinates. Occasionally I get poorer reception and find myself with a +/- of 20 feet, which gives me a possible +/- of 30 feet and I'm generally OK with that. Much over that and it's either bad coordinates on the CO's part, a bad signal on my part, or a combination of the two. However, if were a continually repeated error among a wide variety of COs, then I would suspect something might be off. I do remember finding Magellan placed caches on my Garmin consistently about 20 feet off from where I ended up finding the cache within my first couple years of caching. Not so much now.
  20. In which case, you're using the word "worse" in a way that doesn't imply that anything needs "fixing".
  21. Yes, quite a long beta version. But has Groundspeak officially stated it'll be all integrated in the future? Or is it just a guess? C'mon, Groundspeak, what are you doing with our premium money?
  22. My Drafts uploaded to the website today(albeit a small delay of about 10 mins once I got home). I will keep an eye out for any further improvement over the coming days.
  23. His new time was "better than" his old time, which was "worse than" the new record time.
  24. Boa tarde, Onde posso consultar acerca das foto tarefa nas Earthcaches? Obrigado
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