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  2. JFG coffee and Moon Pies are a East Tennessee tradition. Be sure to see rock city if you get a chance.
  3. Thanks for the advice..will contact the reviewer.
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  5. We are coffee snobs, and only drink local JFG. I had never heard of JFG coffee so had to look it up. As far as I can tell, it's a store brand associated with a coffee roasting company in New Orleans. IMHO, there's nothing "local" about where coffee is roasted. Whether it's New Orleans, Seattle, or some place in the Northeast they all have access to the same equipment and the location of the roast has little to do with what ends up in my coffee cup (today it's something called Finca Aurora Xolhuitz Guatemala). To me, the difference comes from where the beans are grown, how their processed and local techniques in how it's brewed. In an attempt to keep this related to geocaching, I was looking at my finds in Costa Rica and noticed that for all of them I had driven through areas with a lot of coffee plantations. If you want to see *real* coffee snobs, go to Ethiopia,which is where it originated (allegedly by a goat herder named Kaldi noticed it's effects after some of his goats ate the beans). In Ethiopia, people don't just drink coffee. There's an entire ceremony around it. Today, the Harar region in the eastern highlands is where much of the Ethiopian coffee is grown. There's one earth cache about 35 miles from Harar and the next closest caches are over 125 miles away. I work on a project which involves a system that's been installed at nearby Harayama university and we've worked with them for many years. Although I've been to Ethiopia three times I haven't visited that part of the country. There's a chain of coffee shops in Addis Ababa called, Kaldi's. They actually look a bit like a Starbucks and the logo is strikingly similar. I've missed out on a couple of opportunities for geocaching events in Addis (I was enroute on a plane both times) but if I go back I'm going submit a geocaching event just to meet, one of the few active geocachers in the country. I'd most likely do it at one of the Kaldi's shops.
  6. Thx
  7. I have, there are some great ideas there! Sadly, I don't know many business owners who would let me place one on their property. So I'm trying to pick out only the best ideas to fill those spots I had in mind. I've already made an ATM themed cache, where the finder uses a credit card to open a birdhouse.
  8. Ok, I'll bite. Give me an example of a cache that has 10 dnf's in a row that should be exempt from a cache owner checking up on it? Look at Shelter II and Shelter III by IMM (Indiana Magic Man). Both had well over 100 DNFs before they were first found. The CO did check on it and confirm that it was still there though not as frequently as every 10 DNFs. Both have been in play for over 10 years. Shelter III has eleven owner maintenance logs (and there's never been a NM log) in 11 years. A DNF log means that the cache isn't found. A cache that isn't found very often because it's hidden really well isn't found by muggles or would otherwise go missing. The log book doesn't get full, and as long as it's got a good container or is otherwise protected by the elements (as a cache hidden in a shelter would be) why would an owner need to check up on it frequently?
  9. The puzzles aren't "impossible" - six geocachers have logged finds on it. For the reasons noted in the post quoted by Touchstone, I've edited the OP to remove the cache code and the puzzle images copied from the cache page.
  10. The single most important missing feature, in my opinion, is the ability to select the friends whose activity I want to follow. The Mary Hyde promotion encouraged us to expand our friends list, so now I have friends whose activity I want to follow and those whose activity I dont. Please make this selectable by friend.
  11. Congratulations again to Kiss of Death / PaRacers for winning the summer segment. Please confirm your address is still the same as previous years and I will send your Spring and Summer segment trackable awards. Good Luck to everyone in the playoffs.
  12. Please show nos. 31 to 48 as well, please?
  13. I don't think I could put a specific number on it--too many variables, and as has been noted, depends on the reasons for the DNFs. Me, or some average/typical person? Again, there are variables. I'm not even sure yet what's average/typical in this game; therefore I don't have a handle on what's reasonable, and a reasonable length of time is--IMO--the answer. I think the reviewers may have a better idea of that--they're ostensibly dealing with hundreds of these things a year. With one cache I recently thought was missing, the CO responded to my NM literally within minutes (dumb luck & totally unexpected) and said he'd look into it within a couple days. It took him 5 (IIRC) but I'm not complaining. Another cache I reported as possibly missing took the CO a week to acknowledge. It's now been a month with no further action, and said CO hasn't been on here since 8/27. I'm not complaining about that one either (though I am wondering/curious). Meanwhile, I'll just keep on cachin'... ( the tune of Truckin' )
  14. to which Team Microdot responded -- reluctantly, although at some length -- that in some rare cases, the issue is easily explained. Is that about it? No. You missed out the section which referenced the fact that the cache page alone can be a very poor indicator of cache health.
  15. Τιιιιι? Τελευταιο σχολιο 9 Φεβρουαριου? Ελα να το ζωντανεψουμε λιγακι. Μολις βρηκα την κρυπτη στην Ανθομομικη της Θεσσαλονικης και "ζεσταθηκα". Κριμα που εχει τοσες ανενεργες εδω γυρω. Τηνκαλημερα μου.
  16. Thanks for the info Lets hope we can get better ... we have some beautiful locations in SA that are still crying for caches ... Im currently in discussion with an owner of land to place a batch of around 50 ... prepping containers at the moment
  17. Only one change, which should be obvious: stop 57 is disabled.
  18. Link for reference:
  19. Hey everyone! There is a near impossible puzzle cache near my area I have trying for ages to solve! Got past the first stage easily (computer punch code) and for the second stage, I hit a straight brick wall. What I discovered was that for the second stage, there are 54 cubes to a rubik's cube. Each number for each cube represents a letter in the first 54 digits of pi. Thus, we have to unscramble a 52 letter phrase (I could be wrong...). I am attaching the puzzles below, anyone who can solve this and help me out will make my day! Keep in mind that this is indeed a 4.5 difficulty, so high praise to whoever can solve this monster! All of these puzzles INVOLVE PI. The yellow computer punch code are the instructions (1st stage), the rubik's cube is the second stage, and the puzzle with the blue background is the third and final stage. Incase if anyone wanted to see what the cache itself, its code is [Removed] [Images removed by moderator.].
  20. EMAIL SENT: 09/08/17 NAME RECEIVED BY ME: 09/22/17 MISSION SENT BY ME: MISSION ARRIVED AT DESTINATION: MISSION RECEIVED BY ME: I already have the card so, let's see which coin I should send... I'll probably add a few trinkets too
  21. Pre event dinner moved next door to Train Station. Too crowded at Central.
  24. So to sum up the last page or so: to which Team Microdot responded -- reluctantly, although at some length -- that in some rare cases, the issue is easily explained. Is that about it?
  25. That's what I would do. All the Reviewers I've met are very courteous and helpful.
  26. Thanks for the update. How are the series 1 & 2 pathtags holding out?
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