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  2. Newbie "How To" Question

    It´s a multi million $ bussines for Groundspeak. So I´d guess yes, it´s a thing already
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  4. Pytanie odnośnie Travelbug'a i pieczątki...

    Zależy do czego chcesz jej używać. Obecnie zdecydowana większość skrytek to malutkie preformy PET z wąskimi (ok. 1 - 1.5 cm) zeszytowymi logbookami. Nawet najmniejsza pieczątka z datownikiem w całości Ci tam nie wejdzie. Mi zależało na uniwersalności i na datowniku, więc zrobiłem sobie okrągłą pieczątkę (z datownikiem) o najmniejszej możliwej średnicy (bodajże 19mm). We wspomnianych wyżej wąskich logbookach mieści mi się połowa pieczątki, ale to dla mnie nie problem, ponieważ i nick i data w całości się w tej połowie zawierają. Niektórzy gracze mają po dwie pieczątki - małą do małych logbooków i dużą do dużych. Większość graczy też nie ma wbudowanego datownika, co zdecydowanie zwiększa pole manewru przy wyborze kształtu i rozmiaru pieczątki.
  5. Faint Trackable Code Etiquette

    Howdy all. I have a trackable that's in pretty rough shape (it's been travelling hard:)). The code on it is extremely hard to read. I managed to ID it with a bunch of bright lights from various angles and a small amount of trial and error. I have a Dremel with an engraving bit. Do I engrave the code on it so it's legible or leave it as I found it? Mike
  6. About geocaches far from home

    I have one abroad cache too, placed on holiday. I was a bit suprised that a reviewer contacted me, pointing out that the cache can not be published since it is to far away from my home coordinates and I must convince him that propper maintenance will be done. I´ve then contacted a local Geochacher who kindli give his Contact, even along with telefonenumber, and i forwarded it to the reviewer. Without further questions or crosschecking the given informations the cache was published. So, I see 3 Options to get a Far away cache online: Find a local who will give you a hand maintaining the cache (best option) Make up a story about a local who will give you a hand maintaining the cache (not a good option) Change your home coordinates prior to submit the cache, so that you seem to be close (well, cheeky I guess and not a good option either)
  7. Google Translate did not do a very good job. It would have been understandable, but that's about it.
  8. Augmented Reality Caches

    absolutely not imagining... I was in a big hurry to get my AR-Cache GC7X9AZ published just before the deadline....
  9. My Finds

    I haven't run the My Finds query for 2 months. I tried to run it tonight and it isn't working. If I click the add button, it takes me to another screen that tells me about running pocket queries.
  10. Searching through past finds looks to be near impossible can on filter out finds not show only those found. I was trying to determine if I met challenge criteria for a couple of grandfathered challenges that do not have a checker. A lot of these are more fun to work on than the restrictive rules in place now. To me the effort is no different than a challenging puzzle and some of which are near impossible just search your database for unsolved/unfound puzzles. I'll second the filter by distance item mention above and it would be helpful to show distance along with the other information.
  11. I was fortunate enough to have Sladdeballa's help to initially translate our earthcache at Nærøyfjord. I updated the logging questions today using Google translate, but they are likely not correct. Could someone please take a look at the logging questions and provide edits? Logging this cache:1. In your log, post the following:a. How did you get there?b. (Optional) Post a photo with your GPSr (and you, too, if you like!) near the listed coordinates.2. Use the "send message" link in our profile and copy and paste these questions, along with your answers. Please do not post the answers in your log, even if encrypted.b. How thick was the ice sheet that covered Scandanavia during the last ice age? How much did the land rebound after the ice retreated?c. Look around as you travel through the fjord. Name at least two signs of glacial erosion that you see.For at du skal kunne innkassere ett funn på denne Earthcachen, må du gjøre følgende:1. I loggen vår må du poste:a. Hvordan du kom hit.b. Ikke nødvendig, men vi vil gjerne at du poster bilde av deg med GPS'en så nær koordinatet som mulig.2. Send oss en e-post med følgende informasjon:a. Ca navnet på denne Earthcachen: Nærøyfjord.b. Hvor tykt var isen som dekket Scandanavia i siste istid? Hvor mye gikk landet tilbake etter isen, trakk seg tilbake?c. Se deg rundt mens du reiser gjennom fjorden. Gi minst to tegn på iskjerning som du ser
  12. [Request] Pocket Query Overhaul Wishlist

    Adding in favorite points would be nice, both in the search criteria and in the PQ output. The search filters have a "Minimum favorite points" criteria, but the pocket query page does not allow using favorite points as search criteria. And pocket query output does not include information about favorite points - to get this into GSAK I have to first load a pocket query in GSAK and then use the API to update cache information.
  13. Newbie "How To" Question

    You have "View Map" on every trackable page (it's next to trackable history just above the last log). - You should be able to keep track from there as well as any wordy logs. We feel trackables that have the goal/mission attached (even just a laminated message in a decent baggie with the trackable) stand better chances of the goals met. You can request whatever you'd like as a goal/mission, but realize that as soon as it leaves your hands you no longer have control of it's whereabouts. We've heard of goals met, but haven't seen any personally.
  14. Actually the really short-sighted part of this test is that I can't switch back and forth from the old and new to be able to give a more accurate comparison. That is really the worst part of the beta testing.
  15. New map/search is mostly unusable in its current form. A few observations: 1. When searching, the mapped area (and search results) are for a tiny area. Maybe this is the maximum zoom level? Why not the usual 10 mile radius? 2. The results are sortable by only FP or date placed, instead of the very useful distance from origin, or D/T. 3. When clicking for cache info, it requires at least four clicks to get to the cache page and back to the search map. Old map allows one right click to get the cache page. I regrettably have to drop my trial testing in order to plan for a weekend of caching a few hours from home. I can't find a method with the current configuration of the search function/map to get the results I am able to get using the prior search. If only we could retain the old search function as it is, coupled with some functions of the new map.
  16. Newbie "How To" Question

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  18. [Request] Pocket Query Overhaul Wishlist

    Living in a cache crowded area I would love that they increase that 1000 limits too.
  19. Deleting photo logs

    I have only one cache where I demand the real logbook to be signed verifiable way. With other caches I do not care so much. And this is just because it is written in the decription. During these three years the cache has been available every finder succeeded to write their names in the logbook, even mugglers did so and the ones who broke the lid.
  20. Next souvenir after adrenaline junky

    Yeah, I've wondered about that too. Further evidence pointing in this direction is: Maybe "You might be an Ultimate Geocacher if..." for getting the other four?
  21. Newbie "How To" Question

    Greetings, I am visiting PA (USA) from Canada. I would like to leave something in a cache (in PA) which I would like to be able to track the progress of toward Canada. Ideally, I would find a way to attach a message to the item which says: "Please help this token get back to "destination address or cache name". It this idea already a thing? One idea I have to to make the item a physical key which will open a special locked cache at another location. Looking forward to reading replies from long term Geo Cache Gurus. Thank you, ~ Maxtrack
  22. [Request] Pocket Query Overhaul Wishlist

    It would be pretty nice if PQ, Bookmark list and mapping limits raise from poor 1000 to a sufficient limit that let us load a Garmin unit in one go. Even in cache crowded areas. And without fiddling around on PQ's from-to dates. I often have results in the 4500 to 6000 range when searching with the new search. But I neither can map those results (limit 1000), nor check the entire list (limit 1000) nor even bookmark it (limit 1000) to easily send it from the bm list to the unit. Having said that: all limits of these interacting features should be updated to the current limit that most Garmin can hold: 5000. Personally I'd prefer to align PQ, BM list and mapping limits to the currently valid api limits. Hans
  23. Connecting/Linking Accounts

    Imagine how many people would suddenly have 'family members'. It's just not practical. There is no way, without an invasion of privacy, for GS to confirm what accounts are in the same 'family'. And if it's based on the honor system, as much of this hobby is, then there will no doubt be plenty of cachers that misrepresent their familial connections to avoid paying.
  24. Introduce Yourself

    Hi Capital KId ,,,Im a new geocaching.....I think I will enjoy it.... my name is Elisa ..Im from Mexico.....

    Tradicional no Rio Grande do Norte https://coord.info/GC7XZWH Pórtico Monumental de Natal - RN BOAS CACHADAS!
  26. Mapping in profile

    That was too easy. I didn't even remember you could choose those options..
  27. Next souvenir after adrenaline junky

    I did notice in the Adrenaline junkie Souvenir the thought bubble had a light bulb broken into 4 puzzle pieces. I am wonder if each one is a different puzzle piece, and if there will be a secret 5th if you get all 4? Wondering too if there will be a special patch that uses the same icon? hint hint!
  28. Deleting photo logs

    Ah, so your policy is, "I require that the logbook always be signed... except when I don't," just like CHEZRASCALS. What happens when you go to check the physical logbook? Do you still delete that finder's log because their signature isn't in the logbook, even though they've already satisfactorily proved that they found it?
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