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  2. Dagegen spricht ja auch nichts. Nur wird dein Spontan-Jagdezirk wohl kaum 500.00 Dosen umfassen. Und nach ein Paar Tagen ist ein Großteil der Daten hinsichtlich seines Status' ohnehin veraltet. Zum Handy (warum hast Du das nicht von Anfang an erwähnt?): Mit Android Car sollte da was machbar sein. Stichwort: Waze oder Google Routing.
  3. Some people in the forums have said, never remove a geocache. Personally, I think the responsible thing to do is remove the container, and if you happen to find the owner, then arrange to have the owner get the container from you. Since it's extremely unlikely that that particular container is still in play, or that the owner (if they are still active 15 years later -- statistically there's a small chance) will want that container, it will remain in the swamp as litter and won't be properly disposed of if you don't remove of it.
  4. That is exactly what we did and though in normal times I might find that boring (we are "just walking" for 14 days now) at the moment that is perfectly fine with me. :-) I have to say that about 3 weeks ago I wouldn't even have thought about changing my life at all in a situation like that. But it is impressive if you feel "it" coming closer any day: Day 1: training was cancelled at the university sports -> why do they do that? I didn't understand it and didn't like that they changed my life here. Day 2: training was cancelled in two other locations -> let's do jogging and biking instead. I didn't want to understand it. Day 3: great caching day with a nice bycicle tour. Everything is perfect! Day 4: We might have been in contact with an infected person. Symptoms starting. Perhaps ...? No, everything is fine, it is just a cold. Day 5: The person was tested positive. That's when I started thinking. :-) A week later we've been tested negative (and we are in no risk group so ....) but my thinking about the whole thing has drastically changed. Since then I take the whole sh*t more serious, sometimes too serious - I am sorry for that. I wish you all the best! Jochen PS: Want to go caching - search - open logbook - write name.... Of course, the desire is there. It's a great hobby and it will be! :-)
  5. Once, someone found a cache of mine that swept away in a flood. He found it months after the flood (and after I replaced the cache). It was about a kilometer downstream. I had contact information in the cache so it ended up returned to me.
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  7. My two cents is don't disable caches. Geocaching is pretty solitary, so those who can get out are practicing social distancing. With everything closed up, I've started caching again after a fairly long hiatus. I just bring some sanitizer with me to clean up after handling a cache.
  8. I compared danger at home to danger while going for a walk and again, going for a walk is less dangerous than staying at home. I did not make any comparison to Corona or any other pandemic. Now I do: The problem with this pandemic is, that so many people get infected. Staying at home is not a problem as far as infection is concerned, but the danger of getting hurt is increasing. But we all cannot stay at home for a longer time, we have to go shopping, we have to buy goods, we have to go outside. I think, getting infected in a supermarket with many people around is much higher than getting infected while going for a walk. Again, keep a distance to others and you will be good.
  9. also draussen in den pampas gibt's des öftern keine adresse, sondern höchstens koords einer geeigneten parkfläche. die idee vom "ich hab alle dosen des jagdbezirks auf dem navi" ist eigentlich dass spontan entschieden werden kann was angefahren wird, ohne dass das vorher jedes mal auf's gerät geladen wird. ausser dem kann ich, wenn alle dosen auf dem navi angezeigt werden, auch mal irgendwo spontan bei einer wegranddose anhalten. mein ursprünglicher wunsch war eigentlich, das anzufahrende ziel per bluetooth vom handy auf's navi zu übertragen, so wie das z.b. bei garmin geräten möglich ist, aber diese möglichkeit scheint das amundsen ja leider nicht zu bieten ;-(
  10. Yep. When I've found caches accidentally, I've been able to use the usernames and dates on the log to figure out which cache it was. (Look up a username, look up the caches they found on that date, repeat until you know with certainty which cache it is.) In one case, it had been archived after they owner thought it had been muggled. (It hadn't been muggled; it had only been "hidden better" by the last finder.) In another case, it had been the final of a mystery/puzzle cache.
  11. Did HQ send out a notice to notify those of us who were given the Invitation to create a Adventure Lab an extension? I figured since COVID-19 issues I would just forget about the Lab & go about getting our garden set up for the year. At least I got an Invitation to set one up.
  12. Yep. We prefer one-on one with new folks. Easier on us. The rare time we take a group of brand-new folks out to learn this hobby, we give them handheld GPSrs with the same information. We don't bother with apps at all anymore. - Different phones have different "issues", and it always seems someone's phone just won't work well in the woods. They're new, and we want to keep things simple... We have a few older model handhelds, are able to get our paws on a couple more if need be, and have all caches for the day pre-loaded . We even give them their own Rite in Rain notepad, with hints n "stuff" already entered in, for them to keep. We want them to feel comfortable walking in the woods, while "occasionally" looking at that gizmo. The hobby is more than steering to a container, and they'll learn cache types, D/T, container types, and some guidelines, while keeping it simple. Later, if they're still interested but want to use their phone, we direct them to this site's app to start with (that the other 2/3rd's still on too). So far most have gone premium when they first notice the differences using the app. Only one is using another app (Cachly). 50/50 it seems whether they pick up a GPSr in addition.
  13. A rather false comparison IMO. The main difference being that not all those people are seeking medical attention of one sort or another in the space of a week or two, and the rest of the year is idle. The compressed nature of this pandemic is the real issue, not that it's any worse than any other accident or malady that afflicts us.
  14. That's called "cheating" and not "streaking". Logging a find each day is not such a big accomplishment at all, finding one each day is. The former is comparatively easy even in these times now (either with a backlog of unlogged finds, or by deleting your finds on a powertrail and re-logging them one cache a day), but the latter quickly becomes impossible. I only shake my head about cachers who log a cache each day, but brag about having a streak of daily finds. And yes, it's usually trivial to find out which type a "streaker" is. That said, I can somewhat understand that a "true" streaker (finding, not only logging) is unhappy about the looming end of the streak, even if it's objectively a rather trivial "problem" now. It's just human psychology, and luckily we're all still humans and not purely rational robots.
  15. If there are no signatures in the past 15 years it is highly likely that the cache was archived. If there were more recent signatures, but the cache wasn't showing up on the App you were using, then a common explanation is that you found the end stage of a multicache, mystery cache, letterbox hybrid cache or Wherigo cache. Their final locations aren't shown, for obvious reasons. Out of curiosity, could you provide the location where you found this cache? (State/Region, City/Town, name of park or trail or street intersection, coordinates if you have them) I can look up archived caches in that area.
  16. There are several reasons a Geocache may not appear in an App. With more information, I (or somebody) may figure out which one it is. In some cases, you'd then be able to be able to log it online.
  17. Yes. It may be a final stage of a Multi, Mystery or Letterbox... or listed on any other site than ours, by instance.
  18. They have those options after they "verify their email address", at which point the users also get access to the web site. The Official App is different from 3rd party Apps in that you may try out Geocaching without any obligation. I like that. I've fully "signed up" with way too many web sites so that I could download a single "free file", then receive Spam from them forevermore.
  19. Just to give you an idea, here is one of my favorite: https://coord.info/GC74F17 Click on the second Stickman and start drawing :o)
  20. 3-28-2020, numerous cars along Mt Si road common to the trails were towed away.
  21. I was out for a walk yesterday and happened to find a geocache that is not recorded in the area I found it and the logbook hadn't been signed in 15 years! I'm thinking it must have been moved from somewhere else and therefore nobody has hunted for it in its current location? I'm not sure what is proper etiquette, should I just leave it in its current location even though it's rather swampy and not listed on the geocache app?
  22. We are very much on the same track here. I want FPs, FPs is my measure of an enjoyable cache. However, for our cache to make it to the 10% best, there have to be the 90% below, so I guess some quantity caches are kind of wanted. But what I want for those are simply the less worked caches in nice places, not big areas packed with puzzle mysteries. I want to get out, not sit and work on uninteresting digital jigsaws or cryptos for hours and hours. For higher D, I prefer managable field puzzles. I will keep working on figuring out that "something else". But they are hardest, so I won't fill entire areas with 100-cache-bombs with them. No, one at a time.
  23. In Germany: For comparison: around 3,500 people die each year in road traffic accidents - while around 8,000 people lose their lives in the household every year. According to the Robert Koch Institute, 2.8 million Germans suffer an accident in the household every year. It is much safer to go for a walk into the woods than staying at home. All you have to do is keep a short distance between you and other people, which is really easy to accomplish.
  24. Sent my info to Laval K-9: March 9, 2020Name received from Laval K-9: March 16, 2020Sent my gift: March 20, 2020My gift arrived at destination: March 28, 2020I received a gift:
  25. My point still stands. If players, even newbies, find the "official" app restrictive, there are other options even for them. Side question: how long is a newbie a newbie? When do the gurus deem them worthy of graduating to the ability to have options other than the "official" app?
  26. Yes we are, and you are too. Now cut out the self-righteousness, deflate, and go outside for a walk. The antibiotic and healing effects of being in fresh air are well documented and may help you recover from the flu more quickly. All the best!
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